Monday, September 13, 2010

Roller Skate

I love any opportunity I get to work with fondant. I would definetly say, the more I get to play with it, the better I get! I love homemade marshmallow fondant.
However, I was extremely nervous about doing a rollerskate for the cake below. There's a lot of detail in a skate if you didn't know! So, what we decided on is that I would do a regular sheet cake and put a skate on top of the cake with purple and pink flowers all around. Not too bad right?

Here's the first look at the skate taking shape! I made the base out of rice krispie cereal treats and then covered it in with a little black fondant at the top, and then white fondant around the rest of the shoe. Then went back over the front of the skate with a bit more white fondant for the tongue part and then made some pink fondant to complete the shoe. I used more black fondant for the bottom part and then a bit more white for the lace rings. I used a lighter pink for the laces and then when it was done, I used a fun tool that makes a stitch look to make the "stitches" around the skate and on the laces.
I then made a huge purple flower for the skate to sit on and covered the wheels and toe stopper with the same pink fondant as the laces.

I thought it was a cute touch to add the lighter purple flowers onto the skate

The little girl wanted some pom poms on the skate too! I LOVE how these came out! I rolled out 2 small fondant balls and used needle nose tweezers all over them to make the pom look!

Finished cake! Pretty good I think for never having done it before!

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