Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Future orders...

So, as you know, I am due with our little girl in January. This means, that I will be taking some time off from the baking world for a few months while Baby Girl and I get adjusted to one another and I can get her on a schedule. I have decided to take December through April off from any orders. My reasoning for December is, I have a feeling that with the end being so near at that point, and with how overwhelming the Christmas orders can get, it would just be better for me and baby if I don't stress myself out. I apologize in advance to all my faithful customers at that time of the year. Keep me in mind for the next Christmas season as I will be back up and running :) My last holiday orders for the year of 2011 will be Thanksgiving. This year, I will not be traveling to Tennessee like I usually do, so I will be around through that holiday, making ordering easier for those of you who like to order the turkey pops, pumpkin rolls and so forth! Be looking for Platter options that month as well!

I will send out another reminder as the time gets closer to Thanksgiving!

Abby Cadabby

I LOVE my giant cupcake pan! The cakes always turn out so fun! This particular cake was for a friend of mine's daughter's birthday! She is a fan of Abby Cadabby, so I used the colors from the character to create the cake!

And of course, what cake order would be complete without cake pops?? Abby Cadabby pops to be exact??!!

Apples please!

Now, these yummy looking treats below are not something I would sell as a part of Sweet Bites, but I just had to share them!

I got the recipe for these amazing desserts from Pioneer Woman's blog. They are Apple Dumplings and they literally are AMAZING! And super easy to make too! Pair it with Vanilla ice cream and I'm set for life! These are my go-to bakes when I need to bring something to a potluck or to any party really!

Happy Birthday Fun!

This cake honestly had to be one of the most fun looking cakes I have ever had the pleasure of making. The order came from a woman wanting a cake for her daughter's birthday. She had seen a cake like this on the invitations that she was using for the party and thought it would be cute to have a matching cake. I think she was right!

As usual, most the decorations on the cake are edible. The hands are candy melt drawn out in the shape of hands and hardened, the eyes and cheeks are candy melt wafers, the nose and dots around the bottom are candy sugared dots, the eyebrows are Good n Plenty's and the candles are cake pops of course!

The Beach never tasted so good :)

This tastey beach cake was made for a co-worker. Actually it was made for the people she was house-sitting for. They went on a trip to Hawaii and she thought it would be nice to have a Hawaiian theme cake waiting for them when they got back! So I created a beach cake complete with little umbrellas and pineapples!

The piers around the cake are french cookies, the pineapples are cheesecake pops, and the "sand" is actually graham cracker crumbs. My favorite part of the cake though has to be the water. I love how the swirling came out to make it look like small waves and such!


I am sooooo sorry that I have not updated my blog until now. This pregnancy has kept me busy as have alot of orders I've been working on and family things as well. I promise to try to be better about updating my blog in the future!

Last time I updated, our little peanut was only about 15 weeks along. We are now 22 weeks today and we found out 2 weeks ago that our peanut is a GIRL!! How exciting! I cannot wait to show her all the things she can do in the kitchen and even just to have a lil helper! We are still due January 12th and even though it may seem like a long way off, to me, it's just around the corner! :)

Thank you for your patience with my blog and with me. Now, be prepared for a bunch of postings in a row ;)