Monday, December 27, 2010

Polka music anyone??

My friend Summer approached me with a new challenge this past week! Her Father-In-Law loves Polka music and would I be able to come up with something that had to do with Polka music for his 70th birthday. So, we put our heads together and she came up with accordions and drums!

Here is my take on an accordion cake pop! Looks super hard, but really, they weren't! This just shows you that you can pretty much make anything out of cake and put it on a stick! lol.
Here's another shot of them with the drums in the background!
Update from Summer: "When they found out the whole thing was edible you should have seen the faces. It was pretty cool!"

A bit more Christmas....

A last pic of the Christmas cake pops and then I'm done with them! lol. However, Snowmen will still be available during January as well as penguins, mittens and hats, and even kiddos wearing hats! Stay tuned for those!

I decided my basic snowmen needed a bit of a change. I've done them with top hats and ear muffs, but why not do them with stocking hats??? LOVE how they turned out!

My first Wedding!!

I finally got the chance to do my very first wedding cake!! How exciting!!

I was soooo nervous to make these cakes, but thankfully, I knew the bride and groom, so they'd understand if I messed up lol, j/k

But anyway, the bride had given me a picture a while back of what she would kind of like for a cake, but then her wedding plans changed when they weren't sure if the groom would be able to make it home in time. He is deployed right now and stationed in Japan. Then, she got word that he would be home in December for just a few days, so they decided to go with the courthouse wedding and a small reception to follow. She told me that b/c of this, she would be happy with a sheet cake for a wedding cake. I knew this just would not do. So, I improvised. She wanted Cream Cheese frosting and chocolate and strawberry cakes-I took a little bit from her design and then made it my own. :) and then surprised her with a grooms cake as well!

Here is the finished product on the cake table!
A three-tiered cake with a vase in the middle filled with fake flowers, ribbon around the bottom of each tier.

For the grooms cake, I really did goof. I ran this design past the bride's sister and she thought it looked great, well, little did we know that there are different seals and symbols for different ranks...oops! We made a petty officer a higher rank! Oh well, just the same, it looked great lol and he didn't have a problem with it. :)

I was pretty proud with how this cake turned out!

I cut everything out of the fondant myself by hand and then painted it with edible luster dust!

The bride and groom loved it, as you can see below! lol.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer

Seriously. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. So, to celebrate the fact that I LOVE CHRISTMAS, here are a few more cake pop friends!
Not the best picture of my gingerbread guy, but he is still a cutie!
I got the idea from seeing a fellow cake popper, owner of The Cake Pop Cottage, make these last year. Her's were so amazing, I had to try them myself this year!

One of my favorite Christmas movies every year is RUDOLPH THE RED-NOSED REINDEER!
I have been wanting to make these for so long, So when another fellow cake popper made his version of Rudolph and Clarice, I knew it was my turn to try!
I am in LOVE with how they came out! I will have to do these every year from now on! Along with my Grinch of course too, and I will have to add the Bumble and other characters!


Roasted Marshmallow anyone?

How fun would it be to have a camping party for your birthday? Well, I'm sure in warmer weather it might be a bit more fun, but since it's pretty cold and nasty out here, a tent set up in the living room works just as well! And how do you celebrate your birthday from a tent in the living room? With roasted marshmallow cake pops of course!

I really struggled with these ones at first. How do I take cake and make it look like a marshmallow, and then make that marshmallow look like it's been toasted over the fire? All I could do was just wing it and hope for the best!
And I think I did ok. The mom was pleased and said that it was exactly what she had pictured, so that's always a good sign! I made the shapes cylander and then dipped in bright white candy melt. Once dry, I used watered down brown food coloring and sponged it onto the outer coating of candy melt and then used a napkin to blot it better and give it that "toasted" look.
Oh and also-there is a yummy S'mores cake on the inside! Graham cracker cake with mini marshmallows and chocolate chunks mixed with cream cheese frosting...YUM!

Construction Themed Birthday

I got the pleasure of creating Construction themed cake pops this last weekend for another very talented baker's son. We'll call her T. T is the owner of Sugar Girl Cakes out of Council Bluffs. She is amazing-if you haven't had a chance to see her work, check it out sometime!
Anyway, her lil guy turned 2 and what better way to celebrate such a manly birthday, but with construction pops??
Just for O, I created DUMP TRUCKS!

AND I even filled them with "DIRT!" (crushed oreos :P)
And where would our dump trucks be w/out their drivers and workers??
Construction workers and warning signs that O turned 2! I had so much fun creating these, I hope they enjoyed them just as much!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Boy oh boy, I've been busy this weekend! Creating new Christmas pops!! Here is a preview of some of my new creations!

Rudolph and one of his many other reindeer friends, plus Santa's helper elf!
The gangs all here!

Now who wouldn't want a puppy and/or a kitty under the tree Christmas morning?? These lil guys with their santa hats are just adorable!

Or, how about some yummy ornaments with a snowman who is wearing earmuffs?? So cute!

I really love the way these ornaments came out this year. I've battled the last couple of years with how to properly make an ornament w/out having to use fondant or gumpaste like some (yucky), and finally I figured it out! The top is made entirely of candy! I'll let you figure out what kind!