Monday, June 28, 2010

Picnic Birthday!

I got a request to make a birthday cake, smash cake and 3 dozen cake pops recently! The cake pops, which I didn't take pictures of :(, were ladybugs and bumble bees. The cake, she requested-look like a picnic blanket with lots of ladybugs! So, my brain got to rumbling!

Here it is! Red and white checkered blanket with ladybugs crawling all over, grass and flowers under the blanket and the little one's name in black and red just like ladybugs!
But, there was still the fact that we had to incorporate those lil stingers back into the birthday so...
for Kerrington's smash cake, I made a small beehive cake with lots of cute stinger-less bumble bees flying all over!

I hope she had as much fun smashing into the cake as I had making it!

Faux Brownie Sundaes

I played around recently and made some "brownie bowls" for a friend of mine's fiance's birthday. His favorite dessert is brownie sundae, so I thought it would be neat to bake my homemade brownies in muffin tins and push the centers in to form a "bowl."
Well, they came out perfect and I even managed to save a few of them for myself to play with!

My Faux brownie sundaes! I say Faux b/c that wonderful pink stuff on top of the brownie that looks like ice cream, is not ice cream at all, but frosting made to look like it! I froze the icing and then scooped it out like ice cream. I put some strawberry preserves in the bowl part and topped it with a banana chunk before topping it with the strawberry frosting, then of course topped it with chocolate fudge shell and a cherry which you can see below! mmmmm....tasty!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


WOW, after working on that Ambassador cake and cake pops last week, I'm exhausted! But not enough to stop doing what I love!
I had some leftover cupcakes this weekend from an order of Yo Gabba Gabba cake pops I had to make, so I thought, what better way to work on July's Flavor of the Month??
And here it is:
In cake pop form: Banana cake mixed with cream cheese frosting, dipped in peanut butter candy melt, and drizzled with chocolate! YUM!
Cupcake form: (see below!)

Banana cupcake with caramel sauce and a real banana slice in the middle, topped with peanut butter frosting and dipped in magic shell and topped with nuts!
This cupcake was absolutely SINFUL! :)

As usual, here is the special with the flavor of the month!
By 2 dozen cake pops in the special flavor and get one dozen for free! (only applies to the plain pops.)
For cupcakes, order 1 dozen and get a 2nd dozen for free!

And now onto other matters! I will be debuting some new cake pops this weekend. I'm not going to tell you what all of them are though because it's a surprise. I will tell you however that TNMT will be on that list! I haven't forgotten that I owe my readers what they voted for, I've just been THAT busy! Thank you for your patience!! :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's been far too long...

Dear sweet readers, it has been a long time since I last posted. I'm soooo sorry for this! I went out of town the 3rd through the 8th and had a wonderful time. I'm sorry to say that Gatlinburg had absolutely nothing to offer as far as bakeries go. I didn't find a single one. I found one donut shop and plenty of chocolate goodies, but no cakes, let alone a cake pop. No one knew what that even was down there! Shame. :)
I know I promised that I would get the winner of the poll posted (TMNT) when I got back, but I have not had a chance to even work on them yet. The minute I got back, I got a rush of orders due right away.
So, since I've been back, I have worked on 3 dozen "naughty" pops (ask me for a picture if you'd like to see what I'm talking about), 13 dozen variety pops for Ambassador Health Systems (ladybugs, bumble bees, flowers, butterflies, dragon flies and their new logo), and a 3-tier cake for the debut of their new logo at their Grand Opening of the Pediatric Unit.
I did not take pictures of the 13 dozen cake pops, as you have seen the characters before, but, I did take plenty of pictures of the cake I made for them b/c I was so excited about it. I've never done a 3-tier cake before and I had fun making it!
So, here are the pictures!

They wanted the cake to have elements that they use in their marketing: Sunshine...
rainbows, clouds, flowers, butterflies...

dragon flies, bumble bees...

and ladybugs!
I thought the cake turned out pretty cute, and pretty much how I wanted it to look. I just hope that they think the same way. :)
Plus, working on this cake was great practice for the cake I get to make next weekend! Stay tuned to find out!
Pictures of the TMNT will be up by this weekend. Sorry for the delay!
You all are amazing :)