Monday, June 28, 2010

Faux Brownie Sundaes

I played around recently and made some "brownie bowls" for a friend of mine's fiance's birthday. His favorite dessert is brownie sundae, so I thought it would be neat to bake my homemade brownies in muffin tins and push the centers in to form a "bowl."
Well, they came out perfect and I even managed to save a few of them for myself to play with!

My Faux brownie sundaes! I say Faux b/c that wonderful pink stuff on top of the brownie that looks like ice cream, is not ice cream at all, but frosting made to look like it! I froze the icing and then scooped it out like ice cream. I put some strawberry preserves in the bowl part and topped it with a banana chunk before topping it with the strawberry frosting, then of course topped it with chocolate fudge shell and a cherry which you can see below! mmmmm....tasty!

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