Monday, March 28, 2011

Thomas the Train...

Thomas the Train has arrived! About a year ago, a friend of mine-Maria with The Cake Pop Lady, asked me what my thoughts were on how to make a Thomas the train cake pop. Since I hadn't made those yet, the best I could was give her a step by step process of how I thought they should look. Well, when I was asked to make them recently myself, I had to go back to my step-by-step process and try it out! I think they came out adorable!!!

Below, you will find Thomas himself...

His buddy Percy the Engine...

And James joins the group as well!

I had also done Toby the Tram engine as well, but he was not one of my favorites so I opted not to post him. You win some, you lose some. Hope you enjoy!

Coming soon: Thomas the train cupcake cake! I will post it when I finish it!

Friday, March 4, 2011

New cake pop flavors...

While also working on some new cupcake flavors, I've been experimenting with some new cake pop flavors as well. I hope to show all of the on my blog shortly.
For now, I'll just show you the lastest and greatest :o)

Do you love chocolate chip cookie dough, but worry about eating the raw eggs within? You will LOVE these then! They are EGGLESS chocolate chip cookie dough pops! Taste just like the REAL THING!!
COMING SOON: peanut butter cookie dough pops, chocolate and peanut butter pops, as well as a few others! Stay tuned!!

Cupcakes Continued...

Keeping with the last post, here is the newest cupcake flavor to Sweet Bites: PB & J!!
Peanut butter cupcake with grape jelly in the middle, topped with peanut butter frosting and a small dollup of grape jelly on top with chopped peanuts!
So good! Tastes just like a PB & J sandwich! Next time I'm trying it out with some strawberry jelly in the middle!