Saturday, February 27, 2010

Luck of the Irish!

St. Patrick's Day is coming and let me tell you, it's not all about corned beef and cabbage! It's about these adorable treats!

I stole this hat from a leprachan because he kept stealing my lucky charms! Ha ha, just kidding. But isn't his hat so fun? I used one side of an oreo cookie for the brim of the hat and a cake ball for the top portion. dipped the cookie first in the green melt, then the cake pop and attached the pop to the cookie while still wet. Once it dried, I applied the black ribbon and the yellow buckle and then tried to put a shamrock with sugar crystals on the hat as well. Yes, that's what it's supposed to be. Looks like a bit of a green sparkly blob. Oh well, better luck next time eh?
Now, onto the shamrocks and the gold! It took me FOREVER to find a shamrock cookie cutter! Finally found one at Nobbies of all places!
And when you are thinking of St. Patty's Day, don't we think of the pot at the end of the know which one I'm talking about...the one with all the GOLD! So, while I was stealing his hat, I also snagged his gold! LOL.
For the pot of gold, I dipped a cake pop in black, turned it upside down to dry so that top would be flat. once it dried, I attached small round yellow disk sprinkles for the gold coins and then using a toothpick, I made a rim around the top so it would look like the gold was in a pot. These were fun to make. Keep watching...I've got more to come!

Easter cake pops and more St. Patty's Day pops. Also be looking for Yo Gabba Gabba pops and possibly little mouse pops!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hannah Montana

For her birthday, a young daughter of a friend of mine, requested something to do with Hannah Montana. I sat there completely puzzled and thought, "Hannah Montana? Really? How in the world am I going to come up with something for this one?" I couldn't do a microphone...too odd of a shape to put on a stick...I couldn't do the blonde wig b/c who would ever guess what that was!...and then it hit me!

These may have been one of the more fun to make cake pops yet! I used a popcicle stick for the shaft of the guitar. Then I had to come up with the same color as the stick to put in the front of the pop to look like the stick continues into the front. I used brown, light purple and black candy melts for the decorations around it and for the "strings." I used some flower sprinkles for the other decorations and yellow candy melt for the "signature." As for the top of the guitar, I dipped it in the same purple candy melt and added white candy melt lines for the part that tunes the guitar. I did use a regular toxic free magic marker for the lines on the stick.
These turned out so Awesome and I couldn't wait to get them posted!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding Pops

I was recently asked to make cake pop favors for a wedding this month. The bride's mother wanted oreo cake pops and gluten-free cake pops.
Let me tell you, I have never made gluten-free cake before and it's definetly interesting texture-wise. I hope they were good...
I delivered them myself to the wedding reception site and got to actually set them up as well on the cake table! I arranged them so that the gluten-free were on one side of the cake and the oreos on the other side so that no one would get confused. The gluten-free were in a white candy melt...
(note the cute heart shape arrangement which the father of the bride loved!)

...and the oreos were dipped in chocolate! People were walking by as I was setting up and thought they were the coolest things ever! Which of course they are!

The mother of the bride also requested 12 of the cake pops to be done in bride and groom pops to sit on the head table!

They look so nice! I hope everyone enjoyed them!

Who's Ready For Some Spring????

Boy I know I am!!!!!! I can't stand all this white stuff falling from the sky anymore! I need me some serious sun and soon!!!!!
But, in the mean time, I will settle for some more fun and colorful cake pops!

How 'bout this nice lil' ray of sunshine?? I'm working on some ideas for a company in Nebraska for a spring function next month. They have these awesome little flower pots with their logo on them and the pots come with seeds and such inside, so their idea is, one cake pop in each pop that looks like a flower! Loved this idea! The seeds and such will stay in the pot, but a floral foam square will sit on top for the pop to stick up in! Then I used some crinkle green filler to look like grass. Hope they like it as much as I do! I plan to do other colors of candy corn for the petals as well!
Since I was on a roll, I wanted to try a few other pops as well! I got a cute tulip mini cookie cutter the other day and thought the fuschia sprinkles would really make it "bloom" and I was so right! And I LOVED my little bumble bee!

So cute and colorful! Come on SPRING! Hurry please and get here! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

The one with the waggly tail!
I got the chance this week to make puppy pops again. The mom asked me to make 3 different types of puppies and to make one of the types a bit more girly. So, when you think of a "girly" dog...Do you think of a poodle?? Because I sure do!

Say Hello to my little friend! LOL!

For my poodles, I used a life saver for the collar, per Bakerella's tips. I dipped the heads in white first, then attached the "collar" while the melt was still wet. Once dried, I used white tootsie rolls for the ears and rolled out more of the white tootsie roll for the "hair", and then used part of a regular tootsie rolled up for the nose. I then attached a small bow to one ear using 2 heart shaped sprinkles and a red rainbow chip in the center. Using my edible black pen, I drew on the cute faces!
For these little guys, I started them out the same way as the poodles, but instead of white tootsies, I rolled out regular for the ears and the nose. I used chocolate candy melt for the ring around his eye and the edible pen for the face. For the little guy behind him, I dipped him in chocolate candy melt, used tootsie rolls for his ears and made them flop over slightly, then used more tootsie for his nose, white candy melt for the ring around his eye, and the edible pen for his face too!

So much fun, I almost didn't want to eat one...almost. LOL.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coming Soon...

Is anyone out there going crazy with this weather like I am??!!??
I am soooo ready for some Spring weather around here!
With that in mind...
Coming soon I will be posting some pictures of some new Spring-Like, happy and colorfull cake pops!!
Keep never know what you'll get to see!

I've got a logo!

One of the girls on the Bakerella fan page, Laura Strantz Liscano, owner of Confections Concoctions has helped me out by creating a logo for me!
I'm so excited to have a sweet picture to go with my business name! What do you think of my new logo??

Big Valentine Order!

One of the companies that I have been making cake pops for recently placed a large Valentine order! They brought me these adorable mugs and asked that I create 7 dozen cake pops (1/2 heart shaped, 1/2 plain) and arrange them into 21 mugs!

I was up until 4 in the morning finishing these little guys up, but honestly, I had a fun time making them! The arrangements in the end turned out so neat, it made it all worth it!
This is only about 1/2 the mugs. The rest were already finished with some red crinkle paper filling and boxed up ready to go! The cake pops were made with marble cake and cream cheese frosting. I haven't branched over to using a mold to shape my cake pops yet, so I used a heart shaped cookie cutter for the hearts, and my hands of course for the plain round balls. The cookie cutter works pretty good for me actually and doesn't take me long at all to whip out a bunch at once. For the plain balls, I dipped them alternately in red, white and pink and threw heart shaped sprinkles on top. For the hearts, I dipped them alternately in the same colors, and then drew designs on each one.
The company enjoyed the look of these so much, they are already coming up with ideas for the next couple of months for me! They are so awesome!

Soccer balls and baseballs and my new toy!

Yeah for new toys! I got this awesome new toy for christmas and have just now gotten around to using it! It is a lovely little display to show off my cake pops!!!
And how cute are these cake pops! Actually, if you must know, they are oreo pops! Either way, they are awesome and the dad that ordered them for his sons for Valentine's day, loved them!

More Wedding Pops

Ah, Wedding Season has officially begun again! This weekend, I will be working on some cake pops and oreo pops for wedding favors! Not my wedding of course since I've been happily married now for almost 2 years, but someone else's wedding! I was asked to come up with a few designs that they could choose from. Of course I presented them with the traditional "bride and groom" cake pops, but I also gave them a mini wedding cake pop and a "present." The present looks kind of funny in the picture below. It's just at a weird angle. It really is square shaped and not round!

And speaking of weddings, I have to give a shout out to my friend Jessica. Her boyfriend proposed to her the day before Valentine's Day! Congrats to Brent and Jessica! May you have a wonderful life together! Love you both!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's SUPER BOWL Time! The Colts are playing against the Saints! What better way to celebrate than with cake pops? Saints and Colts cake pops???

I thought that these little helmets would be perfect for game day. And who can forget a football to go with it?

Here's a closer look at the helmets and the football. After dipping the Saints pops in yellow, I rubbed edible bronze glitter on top of the coating, then used a toothpick for the designs. I wanted to use tootsie rolls to form the masks, but it wasn't working so well. For the Colts, I dipped them in white, then rubbed a silver edible glitter on top, then used the toothpick again for the blue decorations. I think they turned out pretty fantastic! Hopefully everyone tomorrow will too!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Baby Sister!

Not only is today Groundhog's Day, but it is also my little sister's birthday! She is 17 years old today. I can remember many years ago we would joke with her on her birthday by saying we were going to stick her outside as the sun came up and see if she could find her shadow or not. We never did actually put her out there, though I'm sure she would have gone along with it if we did!
It's still hard for me to comprehend that 17 years have gone by so quickly. She is growing up to be an amazing young woman and I cannot wait to see who she becomes. She used to be my biggest enemy, always fighting with me and making me fight for our parent's attentions since she is 9 years younger than me, but as time has gone by, she has become one of my best friends. So Lizzybeth Ann, these are for you. I love you and wish you the best that life has to offer you this year, and in all the years to come. Hang in there kiddo, life only gets better from here!
Now, back to the cake pops!

I started out with the idea of making these off the stick, but surprisingly, they were more time consuming than being on the stick! I love how he turned out though! I used crushed graham crackers for the "sand" or "dirt" around the bottom of him, with the idea that he would look like he was coming out of his hole!
I think these will be the perfect treat for Groundhog's day! If that stinking little rodent sees his shadow and predicts more winter to come, then people can take out their anger by eating him! lol.