Monday, February 22, 2010

Hannah Montana

For her birthday, a young daughter of a friend of mine, requested something to do with Hannah Montana. I sat there completely puzzled and thought, "Hannah Montana? Really? How in the world am I going to come up with something for this one?" I couldn't do a microphone...too odd of a shape to put on a stick...I couldn't do the blonde wig b/c who would ever guess what that was!...and then it hit me!

These may have been one of the more fun to make cake pops yet! I used a popcicle stick for the shaft of the guitar. Then I had to come up with the same color as the stick to put in the front of the pop to look like the stick continues into the front. I used brown, light purple and black candy melts for the decorations around it and for the "strings." I used some flower sprinkles for the other decorations and yellow candy melt for the "signature." As for the top of the guitar, I dipped it in the same purple candy melt and added white candy melt lines for the part that tunes the guitar. I did use a regular toxic free magic marker for the lines on the stick.
These turned out so Awesome and I couldn't wait to get them posted!

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