Saturday, February 20, 2010

Who's Ready For Some Spring????

Boy I know I am!!!!!! I can't stand all this white stuff falling from the sky anymore! I need me some serious sun and soon!!!!!
But, in the mean time, I will settle for some more fun and colorful cake pops!

How 'bout this nice lil' ray of sunshine?? I'm working on some ideas for a company in Nebraska for a spring function next month. They have these awesome little flower pots with their logo on them and the pots come with seeds and such inside, so their idea is, one cake pop in each pop that looks like a flower! Loved this idea! The seeds and such will stay in the pot, but a floral foam square will sit on top for the pop to stick up in! Then I used some crinkle green filler to look like grass. Hope they like it as much as I do! I plan to do other colors of candy corn for the petals as well!
Since I was on a roll, I wanted to try a few other pops as well! I got a cute tulip mini cookie cutter the other day and thought the fuschia sprinkles would really make it "bloom" and I was so right! And I LOVED my little bumble bee!

So cute and colorful! Come on SPRING! Hurry please and get here! :)

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