Sunday, February 7, 2010


It's SUPER BOWL Time! The Colts are playing against the Saints! What better way to celebrate than with cake pops? Saints and Colts cake pops???

I thought that these little helmets would be perfect for game day. And who can forget a football to go with it?

Here's a closer look at the helmets and the football. After dipping the Saints pops in yellow, I rubbed edible bronze glitter on top of the coating, then used a toothpick for the designs. I wanted to use tootsie rolls to form the masks, but it wasn't working so well. For the Colts, I dipped them in white, then rubbed a silver edible glitter on top, then used the toothpick again for the blue decorations. I think they turned out pretty fantastic! Hopefully everyone tomorrow will too!

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