Saturday, February 20, 2010

Wedding Pops

I was recently asked to make cake pop favors for a wedding this month. The bride's mother wanted oreo cake pops and gluten-free cake pops.
Let me tell you, I have never made gluten-free cake before and it's definetly interesting texture-wise. I hope they were good...
I delivered them myself to the wedding reception site and got to actually set them up as well on the cake table! I arranged them so that the gluten-free were on one side of the cake and the oreos on the other side so that no one would get confused. The gluten-free were in a white candy melt...
(note the cute heart shape arrangement which the father of the bride loved!)

...and the oreos were dipped in chocolate! People were walking by as I was setting up and thought they were the coolest things ever! Which of course they are!

The mother of the bride also requested 12 of the cake pops to be done in bride and groom pops to sit on the head table!

They look so nice! I hope everyone enjoyed them!