Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Much Is That Doggy in the Window?

The one with the waggly tail!
I got the chance this week to make puppy pops again. The mom asked me to make 3 different types of puppies and to make one of the types a bit more girly. So, when you think of a "girly" dog...Do you think of a poodle?? Because I sure do!

Say Hello to my little friend! LOL!

For my poodles, I used a life saver for the collar, per Bakerella's tips. I dipped the heads in white first, then attached the "collar" while the melt was still wet. Once dried, I used white tootsie rolls for the ears and rolled out more of the white tootsie roll for the "hair", and then used part of a regular tootsie rolled up for the nose. I then attached a small bow to one ear using 2 heart shaped sprinkles and a red rainbow chip in the center. Using my edible black pen, I drew on the cute faces!
For these little guys, I started them out the same way as the poodles, but instead of white tootsies, I rolled out regular for the ears and the nose. I used chocolate candy melt for the ring around his eye and the edible pen for the face. For the little guy behind him, I dipped him in chocolate candy melt, used tootsie rolls for his ears and made them flop over slightly, then used more tootsie for his nose, white candy melt for the ring around his eye, and the edible pen for his face too!

So much fun, I almost didn't want to eat one...almost. LOL.

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