Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Project!

Mini Chocolate covered cakes!

I took a chocolate cake, cut it in 1/2 and then in quarters. Cut them into layers and spread buttercream frosting in between the layers.
After I cut the cake into the shape of a bunny head, I covered it in melted Almond Bark.

Once the top and bottom of the cake was covered with chocolate, I decorated the face with white candy melt for the cheeks, a pink jelly bean, blue candy melt for eyes, black candy melt for whiskers, and pink candy melt for the ears.

Here he is, all boxed up and ready to go!


Easter continued....

Easter is coming and here I have some last minute ideas for the holiday!

I found this cute little basket at Hobby Lobby for 50% off and added some Easter Ribbon to it along with some Easter colored plain pops!

Perfect fun little centerpiece for anyone's Easter Dinner table!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I have never actually watched this show, so when I was asked by a fellow nestie from my area if I could do these for her child's birthday, I had to google what they were. LOL.

When I finally saw what they were, I got really excited to do them! So much color and so fun looking to do!
I think my favorite is a toss up between the red guy and the yellow guy! I think they turned out pretty good for never seeing or hearing of the show before!

Ever had an XS Energy Drink?

If not, you so should. They are way better than Red Bull energy drinks!

My husband is an Independent Business Owner with Amway Global and he was heading out of town to Saint Louis this weekend to meet with one the big Diamonds, Doug Weir. So, as a small token gift to him, hubby asked me if I would make some cake pops that looked like smaller versions of Doug's favorite XS drinks. I made Citrus Blast, Cranberry Grape Blast and Tea-Berry Blast. Cranberry Grape is my favorite! I loved how these turned out and can't wait to hear what Doug's reaction was to these when he saw them!

So many flowers!!!

Do you remember the little flower pot I posted a while back with 2 flowers and a bumble bee in it? That was just a trial display of what was to come: 48 flower pots and 12 dozen cake pops! Yikes! :) This was definitely an all day project for me. I started working on these adorable pops at 9:30 in the morning, and didn't finish them until 4 in the morning the next day!

One of the flower pots ready to go!
I did lady bugs, bumble bees, and butterflies! I didn't care for my butterflies too much, so I didn't take a picture of them. Better luck next time on those!

96 flower cake pops in 4 different varieties!

Tulips and other flowers.

96 flowers! Wow!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Continued!

I got to thinking the other day and realized that I haven't made Cake pop Easter Eggs yet!
Well kiddos, here they are! So fun and cute and not to mention, YUMMY!
How about some "Gourmet" Peeps? Not made of marshmallow, but made of cake instead? SUPER YUMMY!
How awesome is this basket I picked up to display them in? One lucky person who orders some Easter Cake pops from me can get them arranged in this basket for free! Be the first to order @
The free basket has been taken! First Easter order was placed the morning of 3/23/10 by Kristi!
Congrats to Kristi!
Enjoy your beautiful basket and all the treats that are coming with it!

More Peeps and Easter Eggs!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mouse Pops

A little boy is having a mouse theme birthday party so his mom requested mouse pops!
How cute are they with their big ears?!?
I dipped some in chocolate and gave them chocolate wafer ears and a brown tootsie roll tail. Some were dipped in white candy melt with vanilla wafer ears and a vanilla tootsie roll tail.
The gray ones were given vanilla wafer ears and vanilla toosie roll tails too!
I then used pink candy melt and drew on the inner ear and used chocolate mini chips for the noses and drew on the eyes, mouth and whiskers with my black edible marker!
I arranged them in a cute wicker picnic style basket with green crinkle paper shreds to look like grass. The mom LOVED them!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top of the Mornin to ya!

It's St. Patrick's Day today and what better way to celebrate than with a pot of gold and rainbow cupcakes??!!??

I bought flower pots at Michael's and painted them black to resemble a pot. I dipped about 7-8 cake pops in yellow and sprinkle just a bit of yellow sanding sugar on top to give the pops a bit of shine. I used multi-colored pipe cleaners to create the "rainbow" effect and taped them to the inside of the pot before I put the floral foam and the pops in. I love the way they turned out!
For the cupakes, kind of sticking with the rainbow theme, I decided to try out the rainbow colored cupcakes. I just mixed up a regular white cake and then divided the batter into 5 different bowls. I dyed the batter in each bowl a different color and then layered the colors into the cupcake liners, starting with blue, then green, yellow, orange and topping with red. the order of the rainbow from top to bottom!

Here's the inside of one so you can see! AWESOME! I then dyed buttercream frosting, green and spread that on top of each one, then smashed the top of the cupcake in green sanding sugar. Using the remaining green frosting, I piped clovers on top. My hubby was supposed to take some of them with him to work this morning, but he forgot them, so his loss was my office's gain lol.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Cupcakes on a stick?

That's right, you heard me. Cupcake Pops!
Now, these tasty lil bites have actually been around for some time now. Other than the plain round ones, these are the first "shaped" ones that Bakerella featured when she started doing cake pops on her blog.
I have seen many other people successfully attempt these, and there are many gals out there that do these frequently. I think that is why I stayed away from them for so long. I wanted to be different.

BUT, now I've jumped on the bandwagon myself and decided to try some out over the weekend for a friend's daughter's first birthday. They were a hit! And really easy to do quickly!
I can now say I am a fan of the cupcake pop! :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bunnies, Lambs and more!

Easter is coming! And what better way to celebrate than to eat cake pops!
I made bunnies, lambs and Easter baskets today!

For the bunnies, I dipped them in white, cut a large marshmallow to make ears, and cut a mini marshmallow for the cheeks. I took the sticky part of the bigger marshmallow and dipped it in pink sprinkles and attached them while the ball was still wet. After attaching the cheeks, I attached a pink mini chocolate chip for a nose, drew on some eyes with my edible pen and put just a little bit of white candy melt under the cheeks for a tooth!
For the lamb: I dipped a cake ball in white candy melt, added 1/2 a chocolate ball for a head and let it all dry. Once dry, I dipped the top portion of the ball back into the white candy melt and started adding the cute up mini marshmallows. I did this until the whole ball was covered, apart from the head. The legs and ears are made out of tootsie roll pieces.

And lastly, the Easter basket. I was thinking the other day of new things I could create for Easter, when it came to me...
I had just made a pot of gold for St. Patty's Day, why not do the same concept, but make it a basket?
I used tootsie rolls rolled out and twisted together for a handle on the basket. I dipped a cake ball in brown and set it the opposite way to dry, so that I would have a flat surface when I turned it over the right way. Once that was done, I then put a bit of green candy melt on top for the "grass" and then started adding jelly beans and jelly bean pieces to look like "eggs" coming out of the basket. Attached the handle and done! I think it turned out awesome!

I will be adding a few more Easter ideas in the next few days as well as some Spring ideas. Keep watching for new pops! :D

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Shower!!

Here are some new baby shower pops! The client asked for Baby Bottles and baby heads! Aren't the baby heads just so sweet?

I dipped the baby heads in skin-tone melt, put on ears and noses with the same candy melt. The pacifiers are 2 flat sprinkles on top of each other, and topped the whole thing off with a real pink ribbon.
The baby bottles were a bit harder. I fretted over them for a long time. Last time I tried to make them, they looked like fat candles. I think I finally figured them out though! I dipped a cake pop in white, then after it dried, dipped the top portion in pink and attached the hershey kiss. Then I drew lines with pink candy melt onto the "rim" to make it look more realistic. I think next time though, I am going to try and find those Bell chocolate candies that they always have out around christmas time. They look more like a baby bottle nipple to me than the hershey kiss.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yet another new Adventure!

I have been asked to make an actual cake for a child's First Birthday! I am so excited! I've always wanted to do more than just the cake pops and now is my chance! Not that I don't love doing the cake pops because I DO! But I'm always looking for a new challenge!
The child's birthday theme is Barnyard animals. Not only am I doing some cake pops that will look like farm animals...keep watching for those.....but I get to do a mini cake and a regular cake as well! I am super excited and super nervous! BUT, I get to work with fondant for the first time! I've been looking for an excuse to use it and play with it, and now is my chance! The party isn't until April, but why not practice now? So, after drawing out what I would like the cake to look like, I got started! So far, I've got a cow and a pig for the top of the cake!

What do you think?
Not bad for my first time working with fondant? They are not as polished of course as some of the pros, but I think I did ok for my first time.
And if you were wondering...that is chocolate candy melt drizzled on the pig to look like he just swam around in some mud. :)