Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bunnies, Lambs and more!

Easter is coming! And what better way to celebrate than to eat cake pops!
I made bunnies, lambs and Easter baskets today!

For the bunnies, I dipped them in white, cut a large marshmallow to make ears, and cut a mini marshmallow for the cheeks. I took the sticky part of the bigger marshmallow and dipped it in pink sprinkles and attached them while the ball was still wet. After attaching the cheeks, I attached a pink mini chocolate chip for a nose, drew on some eyes with my edible pen and put just a little bit of white candy melt under the cheeks for a tooth!
For the lamb: I dipped a cake ball in white candy melt, added 1/2 a chocolate ball for a head and let it all dry. Once dry, I dipped the top portion of the ball back into the white candy melt and started adding the cute up mini marshmallows. I did this until the whole ball was covered, apart from the head. The legs and ears are made out of tootsie roll pieces.

And lastly, the Easter basket. I was thinking the other day of new things I could create for Easter, when it came to me...
I had just made a pot of gold for St. Patty's Day, why not do the same concept, but make it a basket?
I used tootsie rolls rolled out and twisted together for a handle on the basket. I dipped a cake ball in brown and set it the opposite way to dry, so that I would have a flat surface when I turned it over the right way. Once that was done, I then put a bit of green candy melt on top for the "grass" and then started adding jelly beans and jelly bean pieces to look like "eggs" coming out of the basket. Attached the handle and done! I think it turned out awesome!

I will be adding a few more Easter ideas in the next few days as well as some Spring ideas. Keep watching for new pops! :D

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