Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Shower!!

Here are some new baby shower pops! The client asked for Baby Bottles and baby heads! Aren't the baby heads just so sweet?

I dipped the baby heads in skin-tone melt, put on ears and noses with the same candy melt. The pacifiers are 2 flat sprinkles on top of each other, and topped the whole thing off with a real pink ribbon.
The baby bottles were a bit harder. I fretted over them for a long time. Last time I tried to make them, they looked like fat candles. I think I finally figured them out though! I dipped a cake pop in white, then after it dried, dipped the top portion in pink and attached the hershey kiss. Then I drew lines with pink candy melt onto the "rim" to make it look more realistic. I think next time though, I am going to try and find those Bell chocolate candies that they always have out around christmas time. They look more like a baby bottle nipple to me than the hershey kiss.

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