Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Continued!

I got to thinking the other day and realized that I haven't made Cake pop Easter Eggs yet!
Well kiddos, here they are! So fun and cute and not to mention, YUMMY!
How about some "Gourmet" Peeps? Not made of marshmallow, but made of cake instead? SUPER YUMMY!
How awesome is this basket I picked up to display them in? One lucky person who orders some Easter Cake pops from me can get them arranged in this basket for free! Be the first to order @
The free basket has been taken! First Easter order was placed the morning of 3/23/10 by Kristi!
Congrats to Kristi!
Enjoy your beautiful basket and all the treats that are coming with it!

More Peeps and Easter Eggs!

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