Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Roasted Marshmallow anyone?

How fun would it be to have a camping party for your birthday? Well, I'm sure in warmer weather it might be a bit more fun, but since it's pretty cold and nasty out here, a tent set up in the living room works just as well! And how do you celebrate your birthday from a tent in the living room? With roasted marshmallow cake pops of course!

I really struggled with these ones at first. How do I take cake and make it look like a marshmallow, and then make that marshmallow look like it's been toasted over the fire? All I could do was just wing it and hope for the best!
And I think I did ok. The mom was pleased and said that it was exactly what she had pictured, so that's always a good sign! I made the shapes cylander and then dipped in bright white candy melt. Once dry, I used watered down brown food coloring and sponged it onto the outer coating of candy melt and then used a napkin to blot it better and give it that "toasted" look.
Oh and also-there is a yummy S'mores cake on the inside! Graham cracker cake with mini marshmallows and chocolate chunks mixed with cream cheese frosting...YUM!

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