Monday, December 27, 2010

My first Wedding!!

I finally got the chance to do my very first wedding cake!! How exciting!!

I was soooo nervous to make these cakes, but thankfully, I knew the bride and groom, so they'd understand if I messed up lol, j/k

But anyway, the bride had given me a picture a while back of what she would kind of like for a cake, but then her wedding plans changed when they weren't sure if the groom would be able to make it home in time. He is deployed right now and stationed in Japan. Then, she got word that he would be home in December for just a few days, so they decided to go with the courthouse wedding and a small reception to follow. She told me that b/c of this, she would be happy with a sheet cake for a wedding cake. I knew this just would not do. So, I improvised. She wanted Cream Cheese frosting and chocolate and strawberry cakes-I took a little bit from her design and then made it my own. :) and then surprised her with a grooms cake as well!

Here is the finished product on the cake table!
A three-tiered cake with a vase in the middle filled with fake flowers, ribbon around the bottom of each tier.

For the grooms cake, I really did goof. I ran this design past the bride's sister and she thought it looked great, well, little did we know that there are different seals and symbols for different ranks...oops! We made a petty officer a higher rank! Oh well, just the same, it looked great lol and he didn't have a problem with it. :)

I was pretty proud with how this cake turned out!

I cut everything out of the fondant myself by hand and then painted it with edible luster dust!

The bride and groom loved it, as you can see below! lol.

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