Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am sooooo sorry that I have not updated my blog until now. This pregnancy has kept me busy as have alot of orders I've been working on and family things as well. I promise to try to be better about updating my blog in the future!

Last time I updated, our little peanut was only about 15 weeks along. We are now 22 weeks today and we found out 2 weeks ago that our peanut is a GIRL!! How exciting! I cannot wait to show her all the things she can do in the kitchen and even just to have a lil helper! We are still due January 12th and even though it may seem like a long way off, to me, it's just around the corner! :)

Thank you for your patience with my blog and with me. Now, be prepared for a bunch of postings in a row ;)

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