Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Future orders...

So, as you know, I am due with our little girl in January. This means, that I will be taking some time off from the baking world for a few months while Baby Girl and I get adjusted to one another and I can get her on a schedule. I have decided to take December through April off from any orders. My reasoning for December is, I have a feeling that with the end being so near at that point, and with how overwhelming the Christmas orders can get, it would just be better for me and baby if I don't stress myself out. I apologize in advance to all my faithful customers at that time of the year. Keep me in mind for the next Christmas season as I will be back up and running :) My last holiday orders for the year of 2011 will be Thanksgiving. This year, I will not be traveling to Tennessee like I usually do, so I will be around through that holiday, making ordering easier for those of you who like to order the turkey pops, pumpkin rolls and so forth! Be looking for Platter options that month as well!

I will send out another reminder as the time gets closer to Thanksgiving!

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