Monday, September 27, 2010

50th Birthday continued!

I mentioned in the previous post about getting 2 50th birthday cakes in one week...well, here is the other one!
My Bestie Kelli Jo ordered this one for her MIL's birthday over the weekend and said that they were going for a total black and grim looking birthday theme. I immediatly knew what I wanted to do!

I made a vanilla cake, with chocolate ganache and strawberries in the middle, and buttercream frosted it in the dark green. The tombstone and reaper are made out of rice krispie cereal and fondant. I sponged the tombstone with watered down black food coloring to give it the stony appearance.
I then made "Yolanda" out of fondant and placed her in the grave made of oreo cookie crumbs made by my food processor. Then I piped on all that wonderful looking grass you see!

I love this pic with the creepy grim reaper in the background!

I wanted her to look terrified of being buried! I think I did that look perfectly on her face!

He turned out awesome. Next time though, I might do the skeleton face instead of all black...

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