Monday, September 27, 2010

50th Birthdays

Boy, this past week has been filled with cake! Cake, cake, and more cake! How weird is it that I would get 2 orders for 2 50th birthday cakes in the same week, due at the same time and being picked up at the same time? Crazy, I know! Fun part with these cakes though is that they were at the total opposite ends of each other as far as design goes!
For example This one:

was designed for a bold red head, going for more of a glamour look!
I covered the cake in white fondant, added black fondant stripes to look like zebra print, made the purse out of rice krispie treats, covered in purple fondant and then...
Topped it with feathers and rhinestones, and added white gumballs around the bottom to look like pearls! This cake was definetly fun to make! I hope the birthday girl like it as much as I did!

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