Monday, September 27, 2010

My Intern/Halloween Pops revisited!

Over the weekend, I had my very first Intern! Actually the intern is my cousin Marcie! She came all the way from Colorado to spend the weekend learning how to make cake pops and to take what she learned back home with her and start her own business there! Goofballs that we are, we did not take any pictures to show that she was here! I should have taken some while she was working on her cake pops! She did so great and I am so proud of her! You guys will have to check her out sometime! I think she's in the process of setting up a facebook page and when she does, I'll broadcast it here so everyone can check them out!
NOW, on to the cake pops! I thought it would be a fun idea to work on some Halloween/fall cake pops since that's the upcoming holiday/season. Plus, I had a few new ones I wanted to try out and needed to get some of my halloween ones back up so orders can begin!!

We started out pretty basic with some pumpkins and ghosts!
Then moved on to some awesome looking Frankensteins!

And last but not least, I have been wanting to try making scarecrows for so long now! I COULDN'T WAIT to post these little guys!!!! AH! I love them!
I had a blast with my cousin and I wish her the best! I wish that we could do this more often!

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  1. LOL ~ I thought the same thing... have lots of pics of cake pops but none of us :( oh well, we will just have to get together again SOON!! love you, thanks so much for your help ~ I'm so excited about Dippity Do-Dots!