Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ahoy ye Matey!

ARG ye Land Lover! There's Pirate afoot!
I probably had some of the most of coming up with these cake pops for one of my sorority sisters this week.
She ordered them for her Dad's birthday. I asked her if she would like them in an arrangement or if she wanted them just in a box, but I was secretly hoping she'd ask for an arrangement, and she did! So, I ran to Hobby Lobby, found a wooden chest, painted it myself and put the pops inside!

Here's Black Beard himself!
And one of his first mates!

Along with Black Beard, there are 3 first mates, 2 "former" first mates (even in death they are devoted to him), 2 skull and cross bones, 4 pirate flags and where would a pirate be without his 4 bottles of Rum?

Side view of the chest. I wanted to put those chocolate gold coins in the bottom, but I couldn't find any. so I had to settle for plastic ones. Boo. Maybe next time I do something like these, I will be able to find them. I might also do a few treasure map pops. I forgot about them until now.

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