Friday, July 30, 2010

Ring Boys

Ring boys deserve treats too! Especially Ring boys with food allergies!
I got a chance to make some more allergy-free cake pops this week for 2 special lil Ring Boys for a wedding. The bride asked me to arrange them into something for them too, so I looked through my stash of buckets trying to find at least 2 alike buckets since I have a habit of buying random buckets in only one style, and I came across these!

SAND BUCKETS!! Perfect for little boys in the summer time too! Not only do they serve the purpose of looking adorable, but after they've eating their special treats, they get to play with them too!
I also thought it would be neat to attach their names to their own bucket so that it makes it even more special. Something that belongs just to them.

I wish I could find some white dairy-free melting chocolate for these pops so that I can do more than just the brown, but I will say, these don't look so bad for the time being.

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