Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Plain pops with a Twist...

ALOT of birthdays and anniversaries lately! Congrats and Besh Wishes all around for those celebrating different occassions!
Now, onto the good stuffs!
One of my besties, Amy, was throwing a party for her hubby's 30th birthday and needed some cake pops to surprise him with! She just wanted something simple, but represented his brand new OLD age! lol. So I created these! I love the way they look! Simple, yet creative!

Right after I got done making those, my own hubby came home from work and let me know that one of the ladies at his workplace was having a party the next day to celebrate her 20 years with the company and that she personally seeked him out and asked for cake pops. lol.
So I created the same cake pop, but put a 20 on top. Afterwards, I got to looking at the pops and thought they needed something extra b/c to me, it looked like they were for a 20th birthday. So I switched my white candy melt to a different baggie, cut a smaller hole and piped "years" under the 20 on each pop. I LOVE it!

And so did she! She called me the next day to thank me!

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