Monday, November 1, 2010

The end of Halloween!!!

Ok, so I know I said in the last post that those would probably be the last of the Halloween pops, however, I have just a few more that I couldn't resist posting!
Here are two halloween buckets for 2 different orders!
The frankenstein bucket had chocolate chip cake pops with only Frankies and Scarecrows.

The pumpkin bucket had CHEESECAKE pops in it with a variety of Halloween characters!
On this side, there are pumpkins, mummies, candy corns, ghosts and a scarecrow and witch.

On the other side, more of the above, with a frankie and his bride!
Who knew that cheesecake would be so easy to work with??

And lastly, we have a Halloween box that squeaks and groans when opened full of more fun characters including a one-eyed, one-horn, flying purple people-eater!
I love Halloween because of all the fun colors and characters, but I gotta say, I'm glad it's over lol. I'm ready for the next Holiday! Be watching for some Thanksgiving treats coming out and some Christmas ones as well!

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