Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's a time to be thankful....

....for Thanksgiving Turkey pops!!!

It's November and what better way to start out the month, but by creating turkey pops?!?
I started out making the original turkey I made last year...but I got to looking at him and decided I needed something a bit different...

And so here is Pilgrim Turkey! I love how he came out!

And, you've seen Turkey on the stick...well how about OFF the stick?? These little guys would be perfect for place settings or party favors! I think I like his head better than the first pop too!

And of course, here is just a refresher...The scarecrow pops I created at the beginning of October...they are still perfect for Thanksgiving and November! Other pops I have yet to post are: Candy Corns, pilgrim hats, acorns, pumpkins and fall leaves!

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