Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas is coming!!!

Christmas is coming and I thought I would give you all just a sneak peek at some of the cake pops you can expect to see this year! I won't be showcasing them all right now, but just a few...

The Christmas tree is back of course, this year though it has actual light bulb sprinkles AND candy canes! Plus the star on top is made out of candy melt. I can never seem to find the actual big star sprinkles, so I make my own! New so far this year is the stocking! The fluffy part is covered with sugar crystals! YUM!
Also re-appearing this year, Our Frosty and his buddy!
I will be following up with more pictures as time gets closer, but it's never too early to start putting in your orders!
Stay tuned for reindeer, santa hats and some brand new ones!

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