Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Last of the Easter Posts!

Happy Easter to all!
I think this is finally the last of my Easter Treats! I went on a cake pop marathon this week, working around the clock on 8 orders. Boy that was fun and interesting. LOL.
However, I still found time to use my creativity to it's best! One of my orders required making pops for place settings. She wanted 3 Easter egg pops for each setting. Well, she got eggs alright...

With one surprise in the middle!
I am in love with these cute little chickies "popping" out of their shells! I don't know why I never thought of it before!

Here is a look at just one of the many basket arrangements I did.

I "borrowed" (with permission) this cute little baby rooster concept from a fellow popper: Confection Concoctions ( Isn't He adorable?!? Thanks for the idea Laura!

I perfected my little lambs! Rolled the mini marshmallows a bit smaller so they didn't make the lamb totally explode! lol.

And I love this bunny much more than the first one! Instead of using the mini mallows for the cheeks, good ol' white candy melt was used instead. :) He is so much cuter this way!
So that is the end of the Easter treats for this year! Hope you all enjoyed and I wish you and yours a Happy and Blessed Easter!

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