Friday, April 9, 2010

First Cake project!

I was asked to make a mini cake and a big cake along with the cake pops in the previous post, for a boy's first birthday. I will tell you honestly, I was scared stupid. I have never done a cake for someone other than family before, so this was a challenge for me.
I started out with the mini cake:

Not bad for my first time. the frosting is buttercream dyed green. Then piped on flowers for the first time ever, then made the cow out of fondant.

Here is the cow and cake again with a mini "1".

Now for the main event!

This is my barnyard cake! I made everything on it out of fondant! I am actually impressed with myself!

I've got sheep, lambs, a horse, pig and cow. Duckies, a rooster, what else could I possibly need? lol.

I look forward to making another cake! This was so much fun!

When the mom came to pick up the cakes and the cake pops, I wanted to show her the cakes before she took them home. I love to see people's reactions and don't often get to see them because I'm either dropping off the goodies to them and in a rush, or my hubby takes them for me.
The reactions her and her son showed to the cakes were amazing! She was so excited about seeing them and Lawson was ready to dive right in to both cakes! He kept grabbing for them and making grunting noises! The look on his face was appreciation enough for me! lol.

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