Saturday, April 24, 2010

Communion/Confirmation Cakes!

I was recently asked to do 11 mini cakes for a Confirmation taking place this Sunday. 7 kids and 4 Sponsers.
I struggled with an idea for the cakes. The cakes are just far to small to do much with. So, after throwing a hissy fit and stomping my feet, I took to the internet. I came across a cake that someone had done using wafer cookies and I thought, hey, I could do something like that!
And so, here is the end product!

I used multi-colored/flavored Twizzlers, cut down to the size of the cake, stuck them to the cake with the frosting, then cut out a yellow cross in fondant, swirled frosting on top and placed the cross on top in the center, then tied it all together with a yellow ribbon.

For the Adult/Sponsers cakes, I used the same method, but used Kit Kats and chocolate fondant cross and tied it up with a red ribbon.

A view from the top :)

Both cakes together! They look awesome. I'm loving the fun colored one best!

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