Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Yay for Turkey Pops! I think my favorite part of November and Thanksgiving is all the yummy desserts you can make! My office is planning a "Wine & Cheese" party, which means that everyone brings something, whether it be an appetizer, dessert, cheese or wine, so I thought these would be a perfect way to get everyone in the mood for the upcoming holiday!

I'd like to say that he was easy to make, but he was actually VERY time consuming. Will I do these again, OF COURSE! ;) So worth it! His body is a red velvet cake ball covered in chocolate candy melt. His head is half of a chocolate crisp ball w/white baby sprinks for his eyes, a yellow mini chip for his beak and an upside down heart sprink for his waddle. His feet are orange flower sprinks. Bakerella used pretzels on hers, but I like the look of a fat birdie w/tiny legs lol. And of course, his feathers are candy corns!

This is looking down on the top of the basket of pops I made for the get-together. I did about 15 turkeys, a few candy corn pops, a few plain pops but candy corn colors and a few brown pops with leaf sprinks. I can't wait until they see these at the party!

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