Thursday, November 19, 2009

Can you tell me how to get.... to get to SESAME STREET!!!
For the second auction piece, I chose to go with a kid friendly theme, and what better theme to go with than Sesame Street?!?!?
Sesame Street celebrated their 40th anniversary this past week, so in honor of them, here are a few cake pop idols!

You've got Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and Elmo!!!!!!
These three are my favorite out of the whole bunch! Especially Oscar!

The orange one is supposed to be Elmo's friend Zoe, but she just wasn't turning out the way I wanted her. :( And of course, what's Sesame Street without Big Bird??

Bert and Ernie, yeah, they didn't turn out as well either...but you get the point right?? lol.

The gangs all here!!!

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