Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pie Pops!

So, my favorite blogger is at it again! Bakerella has posted a new treat called Pie Pops! I was sooo excited when I saw her post b/c I was thinking earlier in the week about making mini pies for my grandpa. He's a diabetic who loves cherry pies and refuses to eat the sugar-free ones. These are perfect!!!

OOOOooo! They are out of the oven and smelling sooo yummy!

One thing I will say though, next batch I won't be putting as many cherries in each one! When they baked, the filling came bursting out from the seams that didn't get pressed down enough!

But, all in all, they were still very delicious! Next to come are pecan pie pops and pumpkin pie pops! oooo I can't wait!

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