Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I know it is the beginning of May right now, but because of all the orders that are coming my way, I need to let you all know that in June, I will be taking a Vacation. My hubby and I will be taking off on the evening of the 2nd of June and we will be gone until the 9th of June. So, with that said, I will not be fulfilling any orders from June 1st through the 10th. You can still book an order with me for anything after the 10th and before the 1st though. I can deliver them all the way up until the 1st.
Sorry for any inconvenience this causes, but sometimes, we all need to get away for a bit :) I'm hoping while we are in Gatlinburg, TN, (which is where we are going!) that I can check out some of their local bakeries and see what they have to offer!
Thank you all for being so awesome!

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