Monday, December 14, 2009

Here Comes...

SANTA CLAUS!!!!!!!!!!
Okay, so I know I've said this in the past about various other cake pops but....
This one HAS to be my all-time FAVORITE cake pop ever!
Not only because I am a huge fan of Santa and Christmas, but because he is just soooooo flipping cute! I never in my wildest dreams thought he would come out as cute as he did.

I was working last night on some cake pops for another couple of mug arrangements for the same client from the below post, and this time she has a snowman mug and a Santa mug. I thought, ok, I can do another snowman and I could do a Santa hat and that would be good, but then I thought, why not try out an actual Santa?
So I mixed up some white candy melt with a chocolate candy wafer for the skin tone, dipped the cake pop in that and let it dry, then I dipped the top of his head into the red candy melt and let it dry. I then used the end of a lollipop stick to create his beard and hair in the back, used left over skin tone color for his nose, used a toothpick for his mustache, and then glopped a little more red candy melt on top. I used a white sixlet for the ball on top and used a black candy writer for his eyes!
Sounds like a lot of work, but isn't he worth it???? I think so! ;)

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