Monday, December 14, 2009

Gift baskets and Cake Pop Cups

Still keeping up with the Christmas Spirit, I recently had 2 new orders for gift sets! YAY! I love doing gift baskets and gift sets! So much fun!
The client for the gift sets bought some really cute Christmas mugs and asked if I could arrange 6 cake pops in each one. Of course I said I could do that! So, since each cup had a snowman on the outside of it, I decided to make a little snowman cake pop for each cup! 2 girls with snowflake bows and a little guy with a striped scarf! The client was happily surprised!

Here's an above shot, looking down on the mugs. You can see their cute bows better at this angle!

Now this next one, my husband actually asked if he could order cake pops for a business gathering he was going to. Silly man, like I was going to take his money (considering his money is my money too! lol).
I went ahead and made him 2 dozen to take with him, mixing it up with reindeer, snowmen/snowgirls, christmas trees and santa hats. I arranged them in a basket I happened to have around the house and then tied it off with an adorable ribbon I picked up at Hallmark. The ribbon says "Handmade Just for You!" Perfect for Christmas goodie baskets!
They all loved them and he came back with an empty basket! Yay!

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