Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thomas the Train Cake

Cupcake cake that is!

When B asked me to make a cupcake cake for her son's 2nd birthday, I semi-freaked out in my mind. I have never done a cupcake cake! I've done the Giant Cupcake cake, but not the ones involving regular cupcakes put into a shape and then frosted over to look like a cake!

So, I just put my fears aside, baked the cupcakes and then started playing.

I first arranged the cupcakes on the board into the shape I thought it should be. Then I "glued" down the cupcakes with frosting and transfered the blue frosting into a piping bag. I piped out the blue area and then used my spatula and covered the area. I did the same with the black frosting and the grey, yellow and red areas as well.

For his face: I think next time I would make it bigger for one, but for the decorations I used white candy wafers for his eyes and black frosting for the eyes as well and the outline on his mouth. For the inside of his mouth, I went a different direction and used melted white candy wafers and filled in the mouth area.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with this cake as it was my first cupcake cake. Now I'm not quite as fearful when someone mentions doing one again. lol.

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