Friday, August 13, 2010

Tractor Twins!

So, I was asked recently to make a birthday cake for a couple of boys on their birthday. Twin boys to be exact. They were turning 2 and their gramma wanted something with tractors on it since they live on a farm.
I knew right away I wanted to make a tractor to go on the top of this cake. I also knew I wanted to incorporate the twins on there as well.
So, I made rice krispie cereal treats and molded them into the shape of a tractor, tires, and a wagon to follow behind it. From there I made marshmallow fondant and covered each piece. After I finished the tractor, I started on the wagon. I had the wagon all covered and tried to figure out how to get the boys in the back of it. I originally wanted them in little over-alls sitting in the back, but for some reason, I just couldn't master it. Then the thought struck me. Why not put hay in the back and have the boy's heads peeking out?! PERFECT! Then the tractor looked funny with the boys in the back, but no one driving them, so I thought it would be cute to put a farm animal driving! The gramma was so excited about this cake! She was expecting something like a plain white round cake with a drawing of a tractor on top. Ha! This was WAY better!

Chocolate cake with buttercream frosting. The dirt on top is crushed oreos!
Front of the tractor! Not too bad for it being my first time! I'm really liking woring with fondant!

I also have never made people until now and I wanna keep making more! So send me your orders for decorated cakes so I can play some more!
AH! I love those lil baseball hats!

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