Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sassy Girl's Afternoon Out!

I was asked to showcase my goodies at a local vender show. I jumped at the chance! What a great way to get more business and get my name out there more! And we had an awesome turn out!

I made roughly a little over 100 cake pops in 3 different flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and cheesecake! The cheesecake ones were a hit of course, because no one was expecting it!

This is how I set up my table:

I made sure I printed off some of my best ones and then I set them up on platters and stands, separating them by flavor.
I also made a few surprise ones in arrangements, just so people could see that I really can make fancier pops, and it's not all just in pictures :)

I love the whole Satisfy your Sweet Tooth by using what else? Sweet Teeth! lol.

I also made an arrangement for the upcoming holiday: Father's Day!

Bobbers and gummy worms in a metal bucket!

I know my dad would love this as he loves to fish!

I have a few other Father's Day ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned!!!

The Sassy Girl's Afternoon Out was a total success in my opinion. I booked 2 orders on the spot and even sold off the remaining cake pops I had at the end :)

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