Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday cakes!

I love making cakes! I honestly do! And I love a new challenging cake as well! But this cake, this one takes... well it takes the cake. LOL.

A good friend of mine asked me if I could make a Lightning McQueen cake for her son's birthday. I said, sure! No problem.

Well, then I got a problem. My air conditioner decided to go out in my apartment. So I called the people and begged them to fix it b/c of course it would go out in the middle of the afternoon on the hottest day of the year so far. 97 degrees outside and humid to boot. So, I baked the cake and got the crumb coat on and then got the ready to decorate layer on and stuck it in the freezer. I thought for sure they would have the air fixed by that evening, so I left for a while with the hubs, only to return to a sweltering hot apartment with no sign that they'd even been there to look at it!

That's just great! And I had to finish the cake since it was due to be picked up the next day. Now, have you ever tried to decorate a cake with humidity and heat? It sucks. The cake kept sweating something fierce, I had to keep putting it back in the freezer in between decorations, and then the fondant starting to melt and drip. Finally, I just had to say it was done. I wanted to do so many more things to it and really take my time with it, but it was beyond my control. :( But, I will say, for all the trouble, it really did turn out pretty decent and they were happy! So here I give you...Exhibit A :)

I used candy melt for his spoiler and his nose, chocolate donuts for his tires and fondant pieces for his headlights, lightning bolts, eyes, windows and flames/numbers.

Not exactly how I wanted him to turn out, but he still looks good :)

Now this cake was fun! It's a smash cake I had to do a few days later, once my air was fixed thankfully :). I put a real rubber ducky on this one b/c I just felt that the one year old might appreciate a toy she could play with rather than a hard piece of sugar her mommy was just going to toss out. It even gages how hot your bath water is! How great is that?

The bubbles are frosting that I piped on.

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