Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sweet 16

I will admit. This order was difficult for me. I don't know if I was just over-thinking it too much, or if my creativity really was tapped out temporarily. When the client asked for Sweet 16 cake pops and told me to be "creative" with them, I drew a total blank.
I asked the typical questions: what's their favorite color, what hobbies do they have, and what things do they like in general...

The first response was: She likes purple. This is how the above cake pops came about. Plain purple pops with pastel sprinkles on top.
Next came: She likes Lady Gaga, shopping and driving.

You won't find anything Lady Gaga here, but I ran with the shopping and driving concept. Here we have a red high heel shoe, a Nebraska license plate, a Coach purse, cell phone, a birthday cake and like all 16 year old girls should have on their birthday, a tiara.
I asked around to many other people about what ideas I could use for a sweet 16 birthday, and most people came back with the princess theme. I didn't want to run with that for 2 reasons: one being, I don't know the girl well enough to know if she's girly or not, and two: the princess theme to me is way too overdone. But, I did include a tiara just for the fact that if she IS a girly girl, she'll love it.

These three were my favorite ones out of the 6 creative ones I did. I gotta give credit to a couple of friends that came up with the license plate idea-
Thanks AJ and Dani!

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